This site is about using bikes to get things done and to get around.

The name—with a nod to WorkCycles—means two things:

  1. Bikes can do work. They can haul groceries; they can ferry children; they can move things.
  2. Bikes can work as an answer to the questions of how to get somewhere, how to do it cheaply, how to enjoy the outside in winter every day.

Mostly it’s about our bakfiets and our twins. Sometimes it’s about my commute on my beat-up 70’s Raleigh.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Jaemin Hong

    Thank you for your stories. My family and I are considering selling our car and trying what your family is doing. We live in Queens NY so this idea seems daunting. We have access to Zipcar so we’ll have a backup mode of transportation. Anyway, your stories are very encouraging. Thank you.

    • 2 Matt

      You’re welcome! Thanks for the note. If there is anywhere you can make it work, it’s New York City. I haven’t been to Queens in years but when I lived there, it was certainly less bike-friendly than Manhattan and Brooklyn but not impossible!

  2. They are so cute in there. What a great thing to do for your kids.

    • 4 Matt

      Thanks! Haven’t been out much lately in this cold — can’t wait for spring!

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