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I wasn’t ever going back to the new LBS but on Thursday morning when I found my rear tire completely flat, I knew it was their fault. I pulled the tire back to find the tube had been folded over itself by four inches so it would fit. I waited for them to open. I […]



Here’s a good example of why multi-use paths don’t work. I took this photo in Frankfurt last spring. This asphalt path runs along the river Main, stretching out from the city center through some lovely wooded land. I’d guess most use is recreational but people do commute on it. It’s wide by American standards, plenty […]

Anybody who writes about cycling outside of northern Europe could do a weekly column on the worst bike racks. They’re everywhere. Most of them look like this one, but even the newer designs regularly fail on enough clearance for fenders and lights. I always have to lock up at the end of a rack because […]