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Super de Luxe


This Schwinn and Raleigh were right next to each other on the rack. They’re ostensibly supposed to be city bikes; they’re basically the same variation of the hybrid shape–which I’ve never really understood. It’s a hybrid of mountain and … road? Because these are really just mountain bikes with slightly less terrible bars. The Schwinn […]

Attention! I will be altering neither my path nor my velocity as: I approach this yellow light I approach this red light I approach this yield sign I approach this stop sign I approach this slowed or stopped car You attempt this crossing when you clearly have the right-of-way The sound you hear is at […]

New York’s streets have the best bikes. Let’s look. Like any big American city, the streets are full of Schwinns. If it isn’t a Varsity converted to single speed hipster everything, it’s a Collegiate, a Suburban or a Sprite. Still the best colors to this day. Fantastic graphics on this Huffy. And this Peugeot… … […]