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Lap dogs


Did I miss a trend in US Weekly? I have seen a dozen drivers with dogs in their laps on my commute during the past few weeks. This morning I passed a woman at a stop sign with a terrierĀ pressing its face against the driver side window. She was of course on the phone at […]



50 degrees


Hour number eight of a terrible migraine and of course it’s Saturday, sunny, and the first 50 degree day of the year.



I love my Sturmey-Archer. It’s maybe the single most reliable mechanical thing I own. I am an unabashed proponent of internally-geared hubs. Alongside a dedicated cycling infrastructure, I think internally-geared hubs and chaincases are the two keys to getting more people to cycle regularly. I say that because I know people in this country don’t […]

Hand made


I didn’t understand cycling caps until very recently. I thought the bills were for show and the style was for Bushwick hipsters, but it turns out they’re just as practical as a ball cap in the outfield. In the winter, about all I ever wear is a wool cap with earflaps from Walz. It keeps […]

At fourteen months, the twins aren’t yet walking enough to go anywhere without a stroller, especially if only one of us is taking them. It’s winter and the wind is gusting to 35mph today, so the cover is on to keep their faces from turning pink. With the cover on, you can’t carry anything in […]

Back on the Raleigh today after nearly a week breaking in the bakfiets. Riding to work felt like I’d stepped out of the on-deck circle and slipped the donuts off my bat. The old steel of the Raleigh rode like it was built for the Tour in comparison. I like to talk about frame weight […]

Oil your chain. You’ll feel better!

The fancy/weight rule states that as the cost and/or mass of a vehicle increases, its driver cedes proportionally more culpability for his or her actions on the road, with a special obliviousness reserved for cyclists. I found myself unwittingly in a proof last Thursday night when a certain Mr. Porsche cut in front of me […]