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Dear Rain


Dear Rain, On behalf of the plants, we thank you. Everybody else is still pretty pissed. Personally, I’m looking forward to you clearing out of my basement already so I can relight my pilots. We’re cold. Sincerely, BCW

Dear Dutch Bike Co., Thanks for importing Clarijs bags! Fondly, BCW

Dear Drivers


Dear Drivers, I’m a driver too, so don’t be insulted: you can’t have it both ways. Four-way stops are tricky. I don’t ever try sneaking through. I always stop at the sign when other cars are present or slowing to stop. I’ve seen drivers’ reactions when cyclists float through. It’s not pretty. So when I […]

We took a ride to the river path a few weekends back. The path starts five miles from here. In previous years, before kids, we’d taken a direct route, most of which was along a road with a 45mph stretch. This year we wound through the neighboring downtown along quiet residential and mostly empty industrial […]

Hello, friend.

David Byrne


David Byrne came to town the other day to talk about cycling and do his slideshow. It was fun. He rides his bike in cities he visits and photographs the infrastructure or lack there of. The story was roughly his personal survey of the world’s urban cycling facilities without any of the pretension you might expect […]

The weather has been miserable since Friday. I don’t mind riding in the rain at all. In the summer it can be just what you need after a day inside. It’s riding in the rain and the wind that’s unpleasant and frankly not great without cycling infrastructure. It’s dark during the day, but people aren’t paying […]