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Nearly made it into work through the mist but luck wasn’t with me. The last ten minutes were under legitimate rain. Got to my 8am meeting looking like a drowned rat. Didn’t leave early enough for drying time. Oh well. Most rainy days are only actively wet on either end, I’ve found. It’s a rare […]

Oh, corporate America. You do have your ways. One of those ways involves moving me through four spaces in two years, all within a thirty-foot radius. In a 1400-person building. Like a hamster scratching out a path in cedar chips. At least the facilities guys will always have jobs. So I took some things out, […]

Dear Rain


Dear Rain, On behalf of the plants, we thank you. Everybody else is still pretty pissed. Personally, I’m looking forward to you clearing out of my basement already so I can relight my pilots. We’re cold. Sincerely, BCW

The weather has been miserable since Friday. I don’t mind riding in the rain at all. In the summer it can be just what you need after a day inside. It’s riding in the rain and the wind that’s unpleasant and frankly not great without cycling infrastructure. It’s dark during the day, but people aren’t paying […]