Nearly made it into work through the mist but luck wasn’t with me. The last ten minutes were under legitimate rain. Got to my 8am meeting looking like a drowned rat. Didn’t leave early enough for drying time. Oh well.

Most rainy days are only actively wet on either end, I’ve found. It’s a rare storm that goes all day uninterrupted. The ride home was clear but so humid that I was fairly soaked anyway by the time I got back.

This year I’ll be riding even more than usual because now that the kids are in school, the car goes with them. I’ve always had an escape route on especially gross days—and I do have a neighbor with whom I can get a ride—but now I can’t so easily take the car. I can’t really take it at all.

I’ve never been so dedicated as to ride unremittingly through the worst of it. I don’t think cycling needs to be a full time pursuit and frankly riding in a bad storm is zero percent enjoyable.

But this year I’ll go a little further than usual. Let’s see what comes of it!

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