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I spent the day in Boston riding the Hubway all over town. It was fantastic. More shortly. In the meantime: I will never understand the helmet vending machine. If you want a bike share to be successful, you have to build the streets to make it so. I love that Bixi has exploded so quickly […]



Nearly made it into work through the mist but luck wasn’t with me. The last ten minutes were under legitimate rain. Got to my 8am meeting looking like a drowned rat. Didn’t leave early enough for drying time. Oh well. Most rainy days are only actively wet on either end, I’ve found. It’s a rare […]

We’re in the candy protection program.


It’s fall


How to salmon


Old man, white hair, 60 degrees, shirt open. Grocery bags on the handlebars. Downhill, 12% grade, wrong way into traffic. Fire engine, sirens, lights, oncoming, didn’t flinch. This man was not a weak fish.