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How to salmon


Old man, white hair, 60 degrees, shirt open. Grocery bags on the handlebars. Downhill, 12% grade, wrong way into traffic. Fire engine, sirens, lights, oncoming, didn’t flinch. This man was not a weak fish.

After eight years of commuting by bike, I got hit by my first car today, Bike to Work Day. I’m fine, by the way. I came to a stop at a T intersection. I positioned myself in the cross walk because I like to be as far out as possible so everybody sees me. A […]

Lap dogs


Did I miss a trend in US Weekly? I have seen a dozen drivers with dogs in their laps on my commute during the past few weeks. This morning I passed a woman at a stop sign with a terrierĀ pressing its face against the driver side window. She was of course on the phone at […]

The fancy/weight rule states that as the cost and/or mass of a vehicle increases, its driver cedes proportionally more culpability for his or her actions on the road, with a special obliviousness reserved for cyclists. I found myself unwittingly in a proof last Thursday night when a certain Mr. Porsche cut in front of me […]

Find the blinky


Do yourself a favor and get real lights. Just get them. Spend $50 on lights for your $25 bike. You will thank me on the days you don’t get run over. You can blow through a stop sign at the bottom of a 10% hill on a fixie with no brakes as long as you […]