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Attention! I will be altering neither my path nor my velocity as: I approach this yellow light I approach this red light I approach this yield sign I approach this stop sign I approach this slowed or stopped car You attempt this crossing when you clearly have the right-of-way The sound you hear is at […]

Dear Drivers


Dear Drivers, I’m a driver too, so don’t be insulted: you can’t have it both ways. Four-way stops are tricky. I don’t ever try sneaking through. I always stop at the sign when other cars are present or slowing to stop. I’ve seen drivers’ reactions when cyclists float through. It’s not pretty. So when I […]

Lap dogs


Did I miss a trend in US Weekly? I have seen a dozen drivers with dogs in their laps on my commute during the past few weeks. This morning I passed a woman at a stop sign with a terrierĀ pressing its face against the driver side window. She was of course on the phone at […]