What the car horn means in New England


Attention! I will be altering neither my path nor my velocity as:

  • I approach this yellow light
  • I approach this red light
  • I approach this yield sign
  • I approach this stop sign
  • I approach this slowed or stopped car
  • You attempt this crossing when you clearly have the right-of-way

The sound you hear is at best a congratulatory note to you for allowing me to pass unencumbered and at worst a brief harbinger of the pain and bodily harm you are about to experience! If you are so lucky as to survive the impending collision or if you slow me in any way, I will use this honk as all the proof I need to demonstrate the episode is entirely your fault as I scream at you for not getting the fuck out of my way.

Have a great day!

One Response to “What the car horn means in New England”

  1. 1 moocow

    That’s a painfully funny and true list, in New England and may I add, in NYC.

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