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Snow power


Modern bottle generators are quiet, reliable, efficient, and cause relatively low drag. They can slip in the rain, but I’ve never had any issues with mine when it’s wet. My tires have a grooved band for the generator wheel to grab, so everything stays pretty much where it should be. This morning, however, I discovered […]

Find the blinky


Do yourself a favor and get real lights. Just get them. Spend $50 on lights for your $25 bike. You will thank me on the days you don’t get run over. You can blow through a stop sign at the bottom of a 10% hill on a fixie with no brakes as long as you […]

What makes a bike useful? If you can ride on wet pavement and not get wet; if you can ride at night and be seen; if you can ride with two bags of groceries, your bike is useful. If it is an analogue for a car, then it is useful. If you can ride it […]