Find the blinky


Do yourself a favor and get real lights. Just get them. Spend $50 on lights for your $25 bike. You will thank me on the days you don’t get run over. You can blow through a stop sign at the bottom of a 10% hill on a fixie with no brakes as long as you have bright, steady, well-mounted lights.

Hidden Blinky

This rider pulled into the grocery store tonight while I was locking up. The arrow is pointing to the world’s tiniest LED. Maybe it once had a lensed cover and it broke off? Does it even matter if it’s tucked under the saddle and behind the reflector?

One Response to “Find the blinky”

  1. 1 joshwab

    If you are willing to ride with a battery.. I highly recommend Magicshine lights. For the price, the are blindingly bright. We mostly use them on trails, at full power – but on the street, you will look like a car. But for only $85, as opposed to comparable setups for triple that. Pretty weather proof too.

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