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I spent the day in Boston riding the Hubway all over town. It was fantastic. More shortly. In the meantime: I will never understand the helmet vending machine. If you want a bike share to be successful, you have to build the streets to make it so. I love that Bixi has exploded so quickly […]

Photo by Amsterdamize The Wall Street Journal ran an article yesterday in which much puzzlement and a fair amount of scorn was directed toward the Dutch for not wearing helmets. From the lede on through, the implication is the Dutch are fools not to wear them and it is only a matter of cultural stubbornness […]

I have the good fortune in the work that I do to have met a few Dutch people this year. When the conversation inevitably turned toward cycling, they all said the same thing: “The Dutch are born on bicycles.” The reason all that fantastic infrastructure works so well is because people start learning to use […]