Haven’t ridden in days


The weather has been miserable since Friday. I don’t mind riding in the rain at all. In the summer it can be just what you need after a day inside. It’s riding in the rain and the wind that’s unpleasant and frankly not great without cycling infrastructure.

It’s dark during the day, but people aren’t paying attention as though it were night; plenty of drivers don’t turn on their lights. I was on the expressway this weekend and looked in my sideview twice before I finally saw the car in the next lane coming up. The wind blows the rain everywhere. People struggle to keep their eyes on the tailights in front of them. They’re not looking at the shoulder. I do it myself.

Plus, it’s a drag. Blowing rain gets you wet even if you’re wearing a spacesuit and the wind brings visibility way down. So I have only ridden once to the store during a let up on Saturday in what has now been three and a half days uninterrupted.

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