I’m not a mechanic, but I play one on TV


I wasn’t ever going back to the new LBS but on Thursday morning when I found my rear tire completely flat, I knew it was their fault. I pulled the tire back to find the tube had been folded over itself by four inches so it would fit.

I waited for them to open. I wasn’t going to spend any more money to get this tire fixed, but not if the guy who made this mess was there because he wouldn’t know how. He was of course the only one working that morning.

I showed him my receipt and told him when he fixed my bike, he put a 700c tube in my 26″ wheels and now I had a giant pinch flat. He told me a tube was a tube and asked was I sure my wheels were 26″? I said yes. He said, “really? They look bigger than that.” If you’re not even willing to read the answer printed on my tire, I don’t want you working on my bike.

I left. That was the last time I will go into Caster’s in Providence. If you live here you take your chances there. Fine people work in that shop but if you get this guy you’ll get sloppy work at best and you may even leave with your bike worse off.

Go to Legend. They’re fantastic. Jack has a great shop and does good work. He’s even carrying Bromptons and the Schmidt SON hubs, stuff you had to go to Harris or Peter White to find before. Also try Providence Bicycle on Branch. They have good service and a lot of stock.

4 Responses to “I’m not a mechanic, but I play one on TV”

  1. Yeesh, If someone doesn’t know the difference between 26″ and 700c, they shouldn’t even work on the sales floor of a bike shop, not to mention working as a mechanic.

  2. Dropped by Legend for some parts today. They have a “naked” Brompton (all visible welds, no paint) with titanium fork and rear triangle. That is the coolest bike that I absolutely do not need.

  3. 4 Lucienrau

    Not knowing 700 vs 26″??? Really? My wife was horrified and she has no bike nerd tendencies and no mechanical interest.

    I need some parts but have avoided Legend recently due to Brompton lust. My wife would not appreciate another bike.

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