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Bakfiets Lemonade Stand

Still here!


Loving food trucks.

I wasn’t ever going back to the new LBS but on Thursday morning when I found my rear tire completely flat, I knew it was their fault. I pulled the tire back to find the tube had been folded over itself by four inches so it would fit. I waited for them to open. I […]



Bakfiets lunch


Bakfiets lunch

Completely rust-covered Raleigh-ish 3-speed, brand new Brooks.   A Puma something on the rack in front of a fancy gym. Good lock, bad everything.   A DIY Linus Chopper. With pegs, leg guards, a saddle handle! Somebody thought this one out.

Winter ended months ago. I didn’t ride to work at all in January. Just walking five hundred feet from the house was a chore. It was pretty miserable all around and it lasted forever. Here’s the day in late February when the ice that froze the gate in place melted enough that we could get […]

In fairness to Todd, I feel I should clarify my earlier hyperbole. Other riding positions undoubtedly have plenty of usefulness. Even cycling gear has great usefulness*. I own spandex shorts and clipless peals and shoes and a mirror that attaches to the visor on my road helmet. I have no desire to ride 90 miles […]

I brought it home with my bike.

Crane Bell Co.!


I was up at the best bike shop in the country as far as I know and I found this bell. This is a BELL. Like they took it from a minature boxing ring. Listen to that sustain! Made in Japan. I love it when their good bike stuff gets through to us. (This is […]