Emergency laundry bakfiets


Laundry Bakfiets

Say your basement is flooded with twenty inches of water and it’s only days after getting the heat and hot water repaired that you realize the water has shorted out the motor in your washing machine. You’ve got 10 days’ worth of laundry for four people, two of whom are 15-month-olds. One of the loads is soaking wet (it’s the discovery load). You can’t get a new washer for another few days because of the holiday. Laundromat time.

Load of Laundry

I brought it all home wet because our dryer is fine. It was one of the heaviest loads I’ve had on the bike until later in the day when I finally convinced Sarah to ride side saddle on the rack with the kids on the bench on the way back from the playground. All still manageable!

One Response to “Emergency laundry bakfiets”

  1. 1 MJ

    I don’t believe for a minute that Sarah weighs anything like four loads of wet laundry!!

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