Picnic dinner


3 Responses to “Picnic dinner”

  1. 1 sara

    Hi, Bikes Can Work Family! I am excited to have found your blog through Dottie and Trisha’s bike blog. We, too, are a bakfiets-riding family with twins. Our fellas are now 7 and we have a 4-year-old as well and our bakfiets continues to serve us amazingly well. We also own and ride an Xtracycle Radish. I will look forward to following along your family bikey adventures.
    sara from “fullhands”
    p.s. You probably hear this a lot, too– “Boy, are your hands full!”– hence our blog name….

    • 2 Matt

      Hi Sara!

      Nice to meet you. I’ve run across your blog a few times and have enjoyed following it. You guys aren’t too far from us — maybe we can meet up one day. Every now and again I think about how to get the bakfiets on a trailer for that kind of thing…

      Glad to have you checking in!


      • 3 sara

        Last summer we came home from vacation missing our bikes terribly & thinking that we need to do just that– rent some sort of trailer or pick-up to bring our bikes with us next travels… Just found all your great photos on Flickr, too.

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